A new range of spectral and radiation sensors

Apogee Radiation Sensors

Edaphic Scientific is now supporting a range of Apogee spectral and radiation sensors for Australian scientific researchers. The state-of-the-art sensors measure a variety of spectral and radiation parameters including solar radiation, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), ultraviolet (UV) radiation, net radiation, NDVI, PRI and infrared temperature for plant canopies. The sensors are SDI-12, calibrated, easy to…

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Plant and Soil Workshops 2016

Edaphic Scientific has just held a series of one day workshops on water and nutrients in plants and soils. The workshops were held across Australia at the CSIRO, Macquarie University and The University of Queensland and were well attended by students, researchers and growers. The workshop consisted of a series of presentations followed by practical…

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a blog on the latest in environmental research

Climate change, species extinctions, ecosystem processes, soils and plants… and how the science of light, gas and water can explain all of these The Edaphic Scientific Blog explores the science behind climate change, species extinctions, ecosystem processes, biodiversity, marine and terrestrial ecology, soil science, plant and animal physiology, and even the urban and built environment.…

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