Edaphic Scientific is now supporting Sea and Sun Technology!

Edaphic Scientific is now the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand forĀ  Sea & Sun Technology. We are excited by the opportunity to support Sea & Sun Technology in our part of the world!

Sea & Sun Technology is a world-leading, German manufacturer of water-based sensors for marine science, oceanography, limnology, hydrology, hydrography, groundwater, mining water and wastewater. Sea & Sun Technology specialise in CTD (conductivity, temperature and depth) sensors that can measure to ocean depths of 11,000 metres! Other sensors include dissolved oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, pH, redox, fluorometers, and more.

Sea & Sun Technology are also world-leading manufacturers of microprofiling probes, also known as microstructure probes. These are fast-responding probes that can measure water parameters, such as dissolved oxygen and temperature, along depth profiles, or transects, in oceans and freshwater. The microprofiling probes can measure profiles to depths of 2000 metres.

The Sea & Sun Technology range of scientific devices compliment Edaphic Scientific’s existing catalogue of marine, freshwater and wastewater equipment. These include water level sensors, dissolved gas sensors (carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, hydrogen sulfide, and more), pH, redox, turbidity, and water flow and velocity meters.

Edaphic Scientific also has an extensive range of sensors designed for deep sea (depths >2000 metres) monitoring including dissolved oxygen, dissolved methane, EC, pH and more.


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