cotton GMO test kits

DNA & protein testing of seeds and leaves


  • Cotton GMO Test KitLow cost, rapid assessment of cotton crops for the presence of GMO
  • Results in 5-minutes or less
  • DNA & protein testing of leaves or seeds
  • 2mEPSPS, Cry1Ac, Cry1Ab, Cry1F, Cry2A, Cry2Ae, CP4 EPSPS, DMO, PAT/bar, Vip3A,


GMO testing in the Australian cotton industry is becoming increasingly important. Consequently, a low cost, easy to use, and extremely rapid testing solution is required. The EnviroLogix range of cotton GMO test kits are ideal because they are low cost, produce results in 5-minutes or less, and are extremely easy to use. Therefore, these GMO test kits are ideal for Australian cotton growers.


a variety of cotton GMO test kits



Cotton Seed Trade Name

Analytes Detected


Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex

Cry1Ac, Cry2A, CP4 EPSPS


GlyTol TwinLink

Cry1Ab, Cry2Ae, 2mEPSPS, PAT/bar

AS-060 Widestrike Roundup Ready

Cry1Ac, Cry1F, CP4 EPSPS


Fibermax LL Bollgard II (with Roundup Ready)

Cry1A, Cry2A, PAT/bar, CP4 EPSPS


Fibermax LL BollgardII (with 2mEPSPS)

Cry1A, Cry2A, PAT/bar, 2mEPSPS


WideStrike 3, Genuity Roundup Ready Flex, Enlist

AAD-12, Cry1Ac, Cry1F, CP4 EPSPS, Vip3A

AS-096 Bollgard III Xtend Flex

Cry1A, Cry2A, CP4 EPSPS, DMO, Vip3A


the GMO test kit advantage

EnviroLogix offers a variety of GMO cotton tests to support different testing objectives. EnviroLogix’ GMO cotton test kits improve plant breeders’ and fuzzy cottonseed processors’ operational efficiency by providing accurate GMO trait diagnostic results at the point of need.

Lateral flow test strips (trademarked as QuickStix™) have been developed to detect up to 5 traits on a single strip. QuickStix can be used to test cotton leaf, single seed, or bulk cottonseed for the absence or presence of certain GMO traits. In breeding programs, leaf tissue can be quickly tested to confirm the inclusion and/or exclusion of desired GMO traits in the greenhouse or in the field. Therefore, trait transmission can be cost-effectively confirmed, or alternatively, undesirable traits can be screened out using EnviroLogix QuickStix for cotton.


QuickStix easy to use technology

GMO and Mycotoxin Test KitsQuickStix have been combined into a comb format (trademarked as ComboComb™) to increase the throughput of single seed testing (known as genetic purity seed lot testing) for fuzzy cottonseed processors. ComboComb use significantly decreases the wait time per truck at fuzzy cottonseed processing locations thereby improving plant productivity.

QuickStix are also used for adventitious presence testing of bulk cottonseed samples to ensure that certain GMO traits are excluded from a seed lot destined for sale. For higher throughput trait confirmation or genetic purity testing, EnviroLogix also provides ELISA GMO cotton test kits.


what is DNAble?

DNAble is rapid nucleic acid amplification system comprised of: a strand displacing polymerase, a nicking enzyme, target specific primers, target specific molecular beacon(s), and dNTPs. These components exponentially amplify and specifically detect target DNA sequences at a constant incubation temperature. Since there is no thermocycling required, DNAble provides results in as little as 5 minutes with high analytical sensitivity.


EnviroLogix DNAble


Given DNAble’s unique amplification system, not all thermocyclers are recommended for use with DNAble. Only real-time thermocyclers and portable readers validated by EnviroLogix (such as the AmpliFire or T16 reader) are recommended for use with DNAble because the amplification system is so sensitive that real time fluorescence detection is required to accurately analyze results.

When using a real-time thermocycler for DNAble, the activation, denaturation, and annealing stages are all set to 56 °C to achieve a constant incubation temperature. End point thermocyclers (e.g., hydrocyclers) are not recommended for use with DNAble because a baseline fluorescence reading cannot easily be obtained which leads to incorrect result interpretation in some instances.

To provide the industry access to DNAble’s testing benefits (crude sample preparation and fast time to results), EnviroLogix has validated DNAble chemistry on various liquid handling instruments and real time thermocyclers/readers. Instruments selected for validation were chosen to support a wide variety of use applications ranging from portable, low throughput applications to laboratory based, high throughput applications.

Hand pipettes are sufficient for running low throughput assays in 8 well tube-strip format or running several 96 to 384 well plates a day. Liquid handlers are recommended for labs running >1,000 assays per day and are also utilized to automate sample preparation. For the highest throughput application, LGC’s IntelliQube is an all-in-one solution that automates sample and reagent dispensing, array tape sealing, assay incubation, and real-time detection.

  • Hand pipette:
    • single or multichannel: dispense volumes range from 1 to 25 µL
  • Liquid handler:
    • EpMotion 5073, dispense volume of 2.5 µL
    • Tecan EVO, dispense volume of 2.5 µL
  • Automated, fully integrated system:
    • IntelliQube, dispense volume of 0.8 µL

When using hand pipettes or liquid handling stations for sample preparation and assay setup, a real-time thermocycler/reader is recommended to incubate the DNAble reaction and to detect fluorescence signal.


DNAble overview


QuickScan II overview


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