QuickScan II

a GMO & mycotoxin testing meter


  • Rapid assessment of samples for GMO's or mycotoxins
  • Easy to use with minimal training
  • Robust, accurate and precise
  • Developed by the world-leading manufacturer, EnviroLogix

The QuickScan System combines optical detection technology with information processing to provide quantitative, traceable GMO and mycotoxin test results. Results are generated at the point of need for real time operational decision making. It removes operator subjectivity, providing consistent quantification of low-level positive samples. Quantification of GMO and mycotoxin content means your business can precisely manage operational risk when deciding how to triage inbound grain.

QuickScan is a flexible detection system because it can quantify various strip configurations. Depending on need, it can process a combination of combs and strips for up to 22 results in seconds, regardless of the number of strips being read. Specific sample identifications for each test can be entered for purposes of sample trace ability and identity preservation. The results can be viewed and analyzed within QuickScan, as well as exported and shared with a few keystrokes.  Although no internet connection is required to run QuickScan, software updates along with data and report sharing can be accomplished with one-touch convenience if the computer is connected.

The data organized by the QuickScan System helps answer business questions such as:

  • What is the quality of the grain I am delivering or receiving?
  • What suppliers consistently deliver quality grain? Are any suppliers trending toward lower quality? What suppliers should have their contracts renewed?
  • The non-GMO Identity Preserved grain being processed had a contamination issue, what did the GMO testing results for the inbound grain look like? What level of contamination is acceptable to produce a premium product? Was the processing equipment sufficiently flushed given the input grain quality?

Each lot of GMO and mycotoxin test strips manufactured by EnviroLogix is tested internally versus standards with known quantification to generate a lot-specific standard curve. The standard curve data are encoded in a 2-D barcode either on the strip itself (such as on the GMO QuickComb for QuickScan) or on a multi-matrix barcode card (such as for the mycotoxin Flex kits). When a strip is read, the proprietary software measures the line intensities, translates the standard curve information from the barcode, and calculates the quantity of analyte specific to each test strip being read. The QuickScan is capable of storing numerous, lot specific standard curves for a single mycotoxin test kit lot. In this example, each standard curve was developed specifically for similar matrix groups (or grain types) being tested. Therefore, a single strip configuration is capable of accurately quantitating a specific mycotoxin across many different matrices. For example, QuickTox Kit for DON Flex (AQ-304-BG) can be used to accurately quantify vomitoxin in 22 different matrices.




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