CO2 alarm

ideal for schools, offices, cafés, restaurants, post-mix machines


  • Essential wall-mounted CO2 alarm for schools, offices, bars, cafes and restaurants
  • Meets safety standards for post-mix, soft drink machines
  • Easy to install - wall-mount and plug into power outlet
  • Low maintenance
  • Audible and Visual Alarms

Where you are required to install a carbon dioxide (CO2) wall-mounted safety alarm for ventilation in schools, offices, post-mix machines, soft drink dispensers, or drink vending machines, the ESSE-10 is essential.

The ESSE-10 CO2 Monitor has inbuilt audible and visual alarms that alert you to poor indoor air quality. When CO2 levels exceed 1400 ppm, the LED lights flash red and an 80 dB alarm will sound. The alarm can be easily turned off with the mute button on the front of the unit.

The ESSE-10 is simple to install - simply mount on the wall near your soft drink machine, plug into a power outlet, and you're done!

The ESSE-10 is delivered to you pre-calibrated, with a calibration certificate and ready to install.



feature specification
Measurement Range 0 to 6,000 ppm
Accuracy 30 ppm
Operating Temperature and Humidity 0 to 50 C | 0 to 95%
Sensor Life Expectancy up to 15 years
Maintenance Check and re-calibrate every 6 months
Alarms Yes; audible (94 dB) and visual (flashing LED lights)
Alarm Levels Fixed at 1,400 ppm
Power Supply 24 VAC/VDC; mains power outlet
Warranty 1 year

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