why measure CO2 for IAQ and HVAC?


  • Improve Building Performance Rating Score

Building performance rating tools, such as Green Star and NABERS, specifically require monitoring of CO2 levels to score points. For example, the Green Building Council of Australia scores 1 to 2 points if CO2 levels are maintained below 800ppm or 700ppm respectively.


  • Increase Energy Efficiency and Save Costs

Scientific studies have demonstrated that monitoring CO2 for HVAC, rather than just temperature and/or humidity, can significantly increase energy efficiency and save costs. CO2 transmitters can pay for themselves over several months (depending on size and type of installation).


  • Improve Workplace Productivity

Researchers have shown that CO2 levels above 1000ppm can negatively impact on concentration and increases lethargy in the workplace*. The graph below shows how indoor CO2 levels can increase to 1000ppm in 50 minutes, demonstrating the need for adequate ventilation. *Satish et al. 2012. Environ. Health Perspec., 120: 1671-7.

Edaphic Scientific CO2 Levels for HVAC and IAQ



  • Demand Controlled Ventilation (DVC)

CO2 transmitters are an easy, low-cost solution for DVC. CO2 transmitters are ideal where room occupancy is intermittent or variable  from original design conditions.


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