Franatech methane laser

extremely rapid dissolved CH4 measurements


  • The ideal sensor for extremely rapid measurements of dissolved methane
  • A T90 response time of seconds for measuring dissolved CH4 to depths of 4000m
  • Ideal for scientific research, exploration, sniffers, AUV's and environmental monitoring

The Franatech Laser Methane Sensor has the fastest reaction time of any dissolved methane sensor. The reaction time is 5 seconds and a T90 of just 10 seconds. The Laser Methane Sensor is ideal for underwater monitoring and leak detection, particularly for oil and gas pipes. The sensor can be deployed on CTD’s such as Sea-Bird. The sensor has a short mobilisation and demobilisation time of minutes. The Laser Methane Sensor is also robust to measure to depths of 4000m and long-term installations for up to 25 years.


  • Dimensions L x D: 694 x 190 mm
  • Weight in air: 14 kg
  • Water displacement: 5.9 L
  • Weight in freshwater: 8 kg
  • Depth rating: 4000 m
  • Operating temperature: -3 °C – + 20 °C
  • Range: 2 – 10000 ppmv
  • Reaction time: 5 s
  • T90 time: 10 s
  • Supply Voltage: 11 – 30 VDC
  • Power consumption: 5 W
  • Output: RS232 / RS485 / voltage (user select)

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