an all-in-one mycotoxin test kit


  • A comprehensive suite of tests for a range of mycotoxins
  • Aflatoxin, DON (vomitoxin), fumonisin & zearalenone
  • Rapid results and a simple, easy-to-use procedure
  • Temperature and humidity controlled tests
  • USDA/GIPSA and AOAC certification

TotalTox™ is the complete answer for mycotoxin testing needs of the Australian grains industry. This comprehensive suite of tools for grain analysis and data archiving & retrieval includes the industry’s first and only mycotoxin comb.

TotalTox is engineered to optimize labor productivity while offering an expanded detection range. It’s the total solution for precisely evaluating your grain’s toxicity levels while keeping it moving at maximum speed.

Designed, engineered and manufactured by the world-leading mycotoxin testing company, EnviroLogix, TotalTox is the rapid and convenient solution for the grains industry in Australia.


  • Rapid results - Industry-leading Prep-to-Read Speed—for faster grain intake
  • Simple, shared protocol - User-friendly, reduced-step, multi-toxin test—for easy testing of more toxins
  • Industry first (and only!) mycotoxin comb - For simultaneous, multi-toxin extraction and reading
  • Expanded range detection with pinpoint accuracy
  • Maximized data management - Totally-traceable info organization & access—easy audit compliance and supplier management





the TotalTox advantage

TotalTox technology is a marriage of speed, accuracy, and access designed to put the power of mycotoxin testing at your fingertips.

Tests come as either individual strips or joined in the TotalTox Comb—the industry’s first solution for the simultaneous extraction and reading of multiple mycotoxins.

The comb performs each of these two procedures in their own single, shared protocol.

Individual strip barcoding ensures that each test result is identified and stored for easy, instant access.


QuickScan II testing scanner

QuickScan II is engineered with the speed and scope that lives up to its name.

State-of-the-art software is packed into a streamlined machine that can read and record multiple, simultaneous mycotoxin and GMO tests in a single digital glance.

The scanner’s flexible design supports both TotalTox Strips and Combs.

Results are exported for analysis or analyzed using on-board trend tracking software to enable the data-informed risk management practices that today’s transparent grain supply-chain demands.

More information about the QuickScan II can be found here.




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