new NDVI & PRI sensors

Edaphic Scientific is now supporting the new range of Spectral Reflectance Sensors to measure NDVI and PRI.

NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) and PRI (Photochemical Reflectance Index) are important plant canopy parameters that provide information on canopy water, nutrient and light stress.

The new SRS sensors are a significant improvement on old technology as they can be deployed in the field continuously over the entire growing season. Therefore, detailed information about the canopy’s health condition can be measured exactly. The SRS sensors are digital and can easily integrate into IoT and online platforms such as Edaphic Scientific’s LoRaWAN or Modem systems.

The new SRS sensors are low cost, easy to install and require virtually no ongoing maintenance. This is an improvement on old technology that require expensive cameras, remote sensing satellites, and large computers for significant data processing. The new SRS sensors now make NDVI and PRI accessible to all growers, researchers and students.

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