oxygen alarm for cold rooms

ESRAD-02-ZR oxygen deficiency safety alarm


  • A low-cost, low-maintenance oxygen alarm for low temperatures
  • Ideal for cold rooms including freezers as low as -50°C
  • Calibrated, easy to install and ready to measure

ESRAD-02-ZR Oxygen Deficiency Alarm for Low Temperature, protects staff in enclosed areas near storage cylinders of nitrogen, argon, ammonia, chlorine, propane, nitrous oxide, helium, argon, or other inert gases.

Per both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) hazardous conditions may include areas where the oxygen concentrations fall below 19.5% or above 23.5% and require oxygen deficiency monitors.

Our Oxygen Deficiency Alarm for Low Temperatures is commonly used in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, cryogenics, process cooling, freezers, manufacturing, food + beverage, and research facilities.

The oxygen deficiency safety monitor will stay accurate at temperatures as low as -50°C, without needing maintenance and does not require zero calibration.


  • Operates at severe low temperatures and freezers at -50ºC
  • Real-time oxygen level readout on sensor and remote display
  • Audible and flashing alarm on the sensor and remote display (90db)
  • 3 user-configurable alarms meet all OSHA codes
  • The remote display can be mounted up to 300 feet away
  • Easy to install, no maintenance required
  • CE Listed
  • International Power Supply (included)
  • 10+ years of sensor life expectancy



feature specification
Measurement Range 0-25% display
Sensor Life Expectancy 10 years
O2 Deficiency Alarms AL1 19%, AL2 17%, and AL3 12%.
O2 Enrichment Alarms AL1 23%, AL2 24% and AL3 25%.
Alarm Response Time < 60 seconds
Operating Temperature -58°F to 122°F (-50°C to 50°C)
Power Supply Output 12VDC, 2000mA.
Power Input 100~240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.6A
Ethernet cable 25 ft. Ethernet cable (included)
Power Consumption 3 Watts
Backup connections 6 VDC battery
Relays Peak Current < 2A @ 30 VDC or 250 VAC, SPDT
Output 4-20mA

manual & docs

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