Soil Salinity ProbeThe EnviroSCAN is the most advanced soil moisture, temperature and salinity monitoring system available for scientists, researchers, managers and growers. Sensors are easily installed in an access tube and do not need to be permanently buried in soil. Sensor depths can be quickly changed to meet experimental parameters or changing management decisions. This high degree of flexibility makes the EnviroSCAN the most popular choice for soil moisture, temperature and salinity monitoring.


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Soil Moisture SensorThe EnviroSCAN probe first made its mark in irrigated agriculture, resulting in water savings of 30-50% and substantial yield and quality benefits. Today it is widely used in all forms of irrigated and dryland agriculture, as well as environmental applications such as phytocaps, landfill, mining or urban water use management.

The EnviroSCAN probe is the only commercially available product that allows for monitoring to great depths (up to 40 metres) using the same profiling probe.


EnviroSCAN features
  • RTV silicon conformal coating for extra protection of circuits
  • Multiple sensors with flexible depth placement (at 10 cm increments)
  • Monitoring from shallow depths (0 - 10 cm) to deep installations (> 40 metres)
  • Length of probe customised to suit the application (probe length adjustable in the field)
  • Up to 16 sensors on one probe (moisture or moisture/salinity/temperature/humidity)
  • In-built probe orientation and depth settings to enhance sensor repeatability
  • Full serviceability
  • Flexible connectivity for wide range of data retrieval options
probe sealing

Remote Download Soil MoistureThe bottom of the access tube is sealed using any of:

  • double-ringed expandable rubber bung, providing 2 sealing points and preventing underground moisture from entering the tube,
  • a slurry cap, which is glued in place or
  • the solid, sealed Fast1 base with cutting edge

The top of the access tube is sealed with 2 different top cap designs, depending on application;

EnviroSCAN Screw Cap
  • Top cap protrudes above the soil surface
  • Easy to find and readily accessible
  • Tightly sealed with a rubber O-ring
  • Simply un-screws, giving easy access to the probe for servicing
Volumetric Soil Water Content SensorEnviroSCAN Flat Cap
  • Allows for the probe to sit flush with the ground surface
  • Water-tight, 3 point sealing design
  • Provides ready access to the probe for servicing
  • Avoids potentially costly damage from machinery


data loggers

environmental data loggerThe EnviroSCAN isĀ compatible with our range of telemetry data loggers and Campbell Scientific data loggers. Edaphic Scientific provides complete support for our range of data loggers including writing programs and scripts specific to your application, wiring, training, and assistance with field installation.

TheĀ EnviroSCAN is also compatible with the stand-alone, SOLO data logger.


placement of sensors in the soil profile



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