sap flow is now digital!


Sap Flow SensorTraditionally, sap flow sensors were notoriously difficult to handle as they were analog sensors with numerous cables. Not only was physically handling them a challenge, but trying to program them on data loggers, or even connect them to 21st century IoT technology, was particularly painful.

Fortunately, no longer!

The HPV-06 Heat Pulse Velocity Sensor from Implexx Sense is a digital sensor with SDI-12 output protocol. The HPV-06 has the following features:

  • Low cost, easy to use, and easy to maintain sensor;
  • Allocate hard earned research funds to sensors, rather than data loggers, to increase sample size, replication and statistical power; and
  • Pre-programmed sensor that can either provide simple or comprehensive outputs for heat velocity based methods.

As the HPV-06 has SDI-12 output, it is possible to connect many sensors to a single data logger. For example, a Campbell Scientific CR1000 can potentially support 100+ sensors on a single logger without the need for multiplexers.


ideal for modern, internet based networks

As an SDI-12 based sensor, the HPV-06 is ideal for IoT devices such as LoRa WAN and NB-IoT. In fact, the HPV-06 is the only known sap flow sensor which can be supported on LoRa WAN and NB-IoT.

The HPV-06 is also far easier to program on loggers than analog sensors. For example, the HPV-06 requires less than 10% of the code than traditional sap flow sensors when programmed via CRBasic on a Campbell Scientific data logger. In either case, the software engineers at Edaphic Scientific can assist you with programming of data loggers which makes this even easier.


multiple thermal properties outputs

The HPV-06 also has a range of outputs for a simple or comprehensive understanding of sap flow. For example, a user can simply output heat velocity; or additional parameters, such as temperature changes, time parameters, sapwood and sensor thermal properties, and more, can output from the SDI-12 interface.

With these additional parameters, it is possible to measure other properties of sapwood including moisture or water content, thermal diffusivity, conductivity, specific heat, and more.


find out more....

Download the datasheet to learn more about the HPV-06 sensor.

HPV-06 Sap Flow Sensor Datasheet


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