sap flow sensor data logging options

Sap flow sensors must be supported by a data acquisition or data logging system. Analog sap flow sensors often require extensive and expensive data logging systems with multiplexers and complex wiring. A significant amount of research funds may be allocated to data logging systems when using analog sap flow sensors.

Fortunately, digital sap flow sensors can be supported by smaller, cost-effective data logger options. The Implexx Sap Flow Sensor is a digital, SDI-12 enabled device that can be supported by many cost-effective data loggers.

Therefore, research funds can be dedicated to sensors, rather than data logger infrastructure, which will improve sample size, replication and the impact of scientific research.



CR300 Campbell Scientific data logger

The CR300 model is the lowest cost data logger manufactured by Campbell Scientific. It is possible to connect between 20 and 30 Implexx Sap Flow Sensors to a single CR300 data logger.

It is also possible to connect additional sensors such as dendrometers, canopy temperature sensors, leaf temperature sensors, and oxygen sensors, to a CR300 data logger alongside the Implexx Sap Flow Sensors.

The CR300 is an extremely cost-effective option for sap flow research.


other models of Campbell Scientific data loggers

The Implexx Sap Flow Sensor can also be supported by any of the other models of Campbell Scientific data loggers. The CR1000 or CR1000X model, for example, may be able to support 50+ sensors on a single unit. Other models, such as the CR800, or older models such as CR10, can also support many Implexx Sap Flow Sensors on a single data logger.


ES-SYS data logging systems

Edaphic Scientific provides the ES-SYS data logging systems which are completely programmed, wired and ready to measure. This is important because a significant limitation of the Campbell Scientific data loggers is their requirement for programming.

It is not possible just to connect a sensor to the Campbell range of loggers and start measuring. Complex and complicated programming is required. Usually, only experienced or trained users of the loggers can effectively write a program. Therefore, a Campbell model logger is not suitable for students or researchers unfamiliar with the programming language.

The ES-SYS range of data logging systems is the solution. The ES-SYS are programmed, wired, assembled and ready to measure. It is even possible to connect a modem and access your data remotely via the internet and the Eagle online platform.


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