CO2 sensors in a greenhouse laboratory

Edaphic Scientific supplies a large range of carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors that are suitable for greenhouses and glasshouses. In this article, our supplier of CO2 detectors, CO2Meter, interviewed researchers from NC State University on how they deploy CO2 sensors in their greenhouses. This article originally appeared on the website.   One intriguing CO2Meter collaboration…

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How the landscape influences GHGs in tropical forests

Soil GHG Sensor

A case study from Eosense: Tropical rainforests are large sources of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), and methane (CH4), which are known to be potent greenhouse gases (GHGs). Despite this, greenhouse gas flux in tropical rainforests is not well studied due to the difficulties of deploying and maintaining equipment. This gap in knowledge is…

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Monitoring CO2 in Shopping Centres

CO2 Detector Green Building Council of Australia

You have probably never noticed a CO2 (carbon dioxide) detector when you’re at the shopping centre buying new clothes or shoes. More and more CO2 detectors are being installed in shopping centres to monitor CO2 for comfort and energy savings. Recently, the Wall Mounted CO2 Detector with Alarm was installed for such reasons in…

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Scientists adrift in the Pacific on a Kon-Tiki tour

What would possess a team of scientists to drift on a primitive raft in the Pacific Ocean for over 60 days? As always, it is in the name of science – specifically anthropology and environmental science research. Known as the Kon-Tiki2 Expedition, the scientists are examining if it was possible for Polynesian and South American…

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Is the Great Barrier Reef moving to Tasmania?

Many tropical marine species are starting to appear in temperate waters. Around Sydney, several tropical fishes, such as surgeonfish, have been observed. Corals have also been found to be overtaking algal forests off the coast of New South Wales. In New Zealand, tropical fishes have been observed in marine waters where they have never been seen…

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how plants communicate

can plants communicate with one another? This question is not as outrageous as it might at first seem. Certainly, plants are not like The Ents in the Lord of the Rings, coming to life and talking with one another. But scientists have amassed a large amount of evidence to suggest that plants do communicate with…

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