Weather stations and understanding endangered bird species

Weather Station and Endangered SpeciesResearchers from the University of Tasmania, DPIPWE and CSIRO are measuring weather patterns on Albatross Island with the ATMOS 41 Weather Station. Albatross Island is located between Tasmania and Victoria in Bass Strait. The weather data is being used to understand the impacts of climate on Shy Albatross, an endangered species found on 3 remote islands off Tasmania.

Read more about the Shy Albatross and the research project here.


The ATMOS 41 Weather Station, from METER Group, is an ideal solution for the research project because:

  • it is compact so it does not intrude on the habitat of the albatross.
  • it is reliable with relatively low maintenance which is ideal on the remote, island.
  • it is accurate with sensor values meeting, or exceeding, World Meteorological Organisation standards.

Further information on the ATMOS 41 Weather Station can be found here.


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