a blog on the latest in environmental research

Climate change, species extinctions, ecosystem processes, soils and plants…

and how the science of light, gas and water can explain all of these

The Edaphic Scientific Blog explores the science behind climate change, species extinctions, ecosystem processes, biodiversity, marine and terrestrial ecology, soil science, plant and animal physiology, and even the urban and built environment.

This blog collates complex scientific thoughts, hypotheses and theories and digests them into simple, comprehensible articles that anyone can understand. The blog is written by scientists, with expertise spanning fields such as biology, ecology, geology, geography, physics and chemistry.

The Edaphic Scientific Blog primarily focuses on issues related to Australia and New Zealand but we also broaden our horizons to encompass all parts of the globe. Ultimately it is all related and we can learn from other people’s experience.

The Edaphic Scientific Blog also has a focus on scientific instrumentation and what has, and can, be used to improve our understanding of climate change, species extinctions, ecosystem processes and biodiversity.

Please fee free to leave comments on any of our blogs or you can provide feedback to us at any time. We also accept author contributions. Just contact us: info@edaphic.com.au