a cloud based platform for the ZL6 logger


zentra cloud software meter groupZENTRA is the cloud based software utility supported by METER Group for the ZL6 data logger.

ZENTRA supports the complete range of METER Group environmental research and monitoring sensors including TEROS, ATMOS, PHYTOS and more. ZENTRA is an ideal, entry level solution for users who require internet access to data.

ZENTRA can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It is secure and easy to use.



  • Low cost, internet access software
  • Dashboards that are easy to use and configure
  • Dedicated packaged for METER Group ZL6 data logger
  • Add multiple ZL6 data loggers, sites and users
  • Secure access
  • Export data to Excel for further analyses


everything you need to know....

Click here for a weblink to an article with everything you need to know about the ZENTRA Cloud Platform including:

  • a virtual tour of ZENTRA Cloud
  • data visualisation
  • customised graphing
  • remote device management
  • downloading and sharing data
  • and more....


ZENTRA Cloud software details....

Zentra ZL6 data managementMore data and fewer resources mean you need help to get your data to a place you can use. ZENTRA Cloud works together with the ZL6 to start the analysis process for you. It aggregates all your data in one easy place and automatically graphs it, in near-real time.

Now, see important trending information as it happens, instead of having to comb through imported spreadsheets. Near-real-time visualization of several different data streams means you can easily check on—and share—current site conditions, such as recharge from the last rain event or plant available water.

Pull near-real-time data up at a conference to illustrate a point, or share current data with your students to teach them how to model evapotranspiration. ZENTRA Cloud does all the data legwork, with minimal effort, so you and your students can spend less time collecting data and more time publishing it.


simplify and manage your data

ZENTRA Cloud and the ZL6 data logger work together to simplify your ability to visualize, manage, and share measurements from up to six different types of sensors. With METER’s multi-parameter sensors, you can potentially visualize dozens of different near-real-time measurements at once.

Add more ZL6’s to your site, and you can track even more measurements. Remote data management means you can reconfigure sensors while sitting at your desk. Use the GPS mapping feature to illustrate to a colleague or a class how a site is configured. And simplified sharing of near-real-time data makes it easier for your colleagues or students to see exactly what you see, when you want to see it.


compatible sensors

The ZL6 data logger is only compatible with the METER Group range of sensors. Third-party sensors are not supported by the ZL6 data logger.

Connecting the METER Group range of sensors is easy - simply connect via the stereo plug, set sensor type in the ZENTRA Utility app, and you're done!

No programming is required.

Click on the "RELATED PRODUCTS" tab, above, to see a range of compatible sensors including TEROS soil water content and potential, EC sensors, and ATMOS weather sensors.


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