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Edaphic Scientific is a specialist distributor of scientific equipment with a focus on environmental research and monitoring. Our major clients include scientists, researchers, engineers, industry, government agencies, growers, consultants and students.

Our expertise is centered on providing scientists and engineers with the right instrumentation for their research and monitoring projects. We have expertise across many scientific disciplines including soil science, plant physiology, hydrology, animal physiology, biogeochemistry, marine science, microbiology, biomedical science, aquaculture, horticulture and agriculture.

We also support industry, consultants and growers through designing, programming, installing and supporting environmental monitoring systems, complete with data loggers, telemetry communications, and data management software over the internet. We have a range of initiatives where we engage with the scientific community through our annual research equipment grant and support for non-profit organisations.

The scientists and engineers at Edaphic Scientific collaborate on projects with leading research institutions. Currently, we are collaborating on various projects including plant water relations with Griffith University, University of Florida, Georgia State University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and horticultural production with the NSW Department of Primary Industries. See our blog for more information on these and other projects.

Edaphic Scientific is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Yet we have clients in all parts of Australia, across New Zealand, and extending into USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South America, China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and many more.





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