net radiometer

Apogee SN-500 sensor for net radiation


  • Measure net radiation for evapotranspiration and meteorological research
  • Low cost, high accuracy sensor that is ideal for researchers
  • SDI-12 digital output model SN-5001 from Apogee and METER Group
  • Easy-to-use, calibrated sensor that is ready to measure
  • Connect to our range of data loggers or handheld meters or your own IoT, LoRa or other device

The Apogee SN-500 Net Radiometer, supported by METER Group and Edaphic Scientific, provides individual measurement of net radiation components. The Net Radiometer is a 4-component device consisting of upward and downward looking pyrgeometers and pyranometers. Therefore, the SN-500 is specifically designed to quantify net radiation and is the choice for scientific researchers around the world.

Other features include:

  • A digital, SDI-12 output that eliminates the need for multiple analog channels to measure the individual components of net radiation.
  • Individually heated radiometers. Each radiometer includes an individual heater to increase accuracy by minimizing the influence of dew/frost on the filter.
  • The net radiometer comes as a complete package that includes net radiometer, mounting rod, pigtail lead cable for data logger interface, and carrying case.
  • Easily connect to METER Group's ZL6 data logger or the Edaphic Scientific range of ES-SYS systems.


evapotranspiration and surface energy balance

The Net Radiometer is ideal for evapotranspiration research. The SN-500 can measure precise and accurate solar net radiation for surface energy balance. The Apogee Net Radiometer is ideal for quantifying evapotranspiration models including Penman-Monteith FAO56 and many more.


weather station options

For optimal measurements, the net radiometer can be connected to our range of weather stations.

The met radiometer provides valuable measurements on the solar radiation environment. However, this information can be incomplete because it does not include other important variables including global solar radiation, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, vapour pressure deficit (VPD) and wind speed and direction. By connecting the net radiometer to a weather station system, complete knowledge of the environment can be obtained.



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