telemetry data loggers for environmental research & monitoring


  • Continuous, long-term environmental research and monitoring
  • Suitable for land, marine, indoors or laboratory environments
  • Option to download data over the internet
  • Delivered pre-programmed, wired, and ready to go

Green Roof MonitoringEdaphic Scientific builds and customises scientific research and environmental monitoring systems for a range of applications. Our systems are either pre-configured or designed based your specific requirements. Our systems have the option to download data remotely over the internet, locally via WiFi or manually with a USB cable and laptop.


example applications
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Marine science and aquaculture
  • Mine sites and landfills
  • Hydrology and groundwater
  • Rivers and streams
  • Buildings and green roofs
  • Greenhouse gases and fluxes


advanced data collection and management solutions

Edaphic Scientific recognises the need for flexible and adaptable sensor and data-logging solutions for experimental or environmental monitoring projects.

Data can be downloaded directly in the field from data loggers. A direct connection between the data loggers and your computer, via a USB cable, can be used for manual downloading of data.

Alternatively, data can be downloaded over the internet on your iPhone, iPad or desktop computer with the Sensori cloud-based, data management software solutions. Through this remote based downloading capabilities, you can download, view and manage your data, and system, anywhere in the world and at anytime.


The ES-LOG is a more advanced but entry-level option that can measure a limited number of analog and digital sensors.

The ES-LOG includes a basic data logger, weatherproof enclosure, programming and wiring.

Data can be downloaded manual, with a USB cable and laptop, or remotely via the INTELIMAX modem and Sensori data management software platform.

  • Analog sensors: 6 single ended or 3 differential
  • Digital sensors: 20 SDI-12
  • Implexx Sap Flow Sensors: up to 12
  • In-built solar panel regulator
  • WiFi and Ethernet available
  • Modem available

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