soil oxygen sensor


The MIJ-03 Soil Oxygen Sensor is designed for long-term, in-situ monitoring of soil or sediment oxygen concentration.

Each sensor is individually calibrated for maximum accuracy. Calibration is extremely easy and can be completed in ambient air.

Maintenance of the MIJ-03 Soil Oxygen Sensor is minimal. Once the sensor is installed in the soil, there is no further maintenance. The life-time of the sensor is approximately 5 years when the electrochemical element of the sensor expires.

The MIJ-03 Soil Oxygen Sensor has a voltage output that can be supported by any compatible data logging system. The Edaphic Scientific range of ES-SYS data logging systems, with internet access, can support the MIJ-03 Soil Oxygen Sensor. Or, our scientists and engineers can assist you in connecting the sensor to your existing system.

The MIJ-03 is built from a polyoxymethylene (POM), a rigid thermoplastic, that provides long-term stability in harsh environmental conditions. The sensing apparatus is behind a Teflon hydrophobic, gas porous membrane, meaning the MIJ-03 can measure under saturated, flooded and anaerobic conditions. Rainfall and irrigation are no problems for the MIJ-03 Soil Oxygen Sensor.


measurement principle

The MIJ-03 Soil Oxygen Sensor is an electrochemical, or galvanic, style sensor. Similar to the operation of a battery, an electrochemical difference is created which is proportion to oxygen concentration. Oxygen molecules diffuse through the Teflon membrane, via gradients of diffusion, and interact with the electrolyte in the sensor's cell. An electrical charge is created between the anode and cathode of the cell. The greater the oxygen concentration, then the greater the electrical charge. The relationship between the oxygen concentration and the electrical charge is linear. A two-point calibration curve: ambient air (20.9%) and 0% oxygen. Fortunately, the MIJ-03 Soil Oxygen Sensor is extremely easy to calibrate: ambient air can be easily measured; and the 0% value is simply 0mV in the sensor. Therefore, the MIJ-03 sensor can be calibrated in ambient air.


whole-system monitoring solutions

Edaphic Scientific is a one-stop shop for a whole system monitoring solution. We provide plant and soil monitoring systems for researchers and growers including wireless, LoRa WAN and modem options.

Our systems not only support dendrometers, but related sensors such as sap flow, soil moisture, weather parameters, and more.

At Edaphic Scientific we want to work with you from the start of your project through to its completion. We can provide:

  • Assistance with project and experimental design
  • Procurement of all monitoring equipment, including sensors, data loggers and data management software. Edaphic Scientific is a one-stop shop where we can source and find any necessary equipment for your project from our preferred suppliers or third party suppliers
  • Installation and training
  • On-going assistance with data interpretation and equipment maintenance
  • Data correction and analysis, including statistical analysis with the R-package
  • Report and publication preparation including tables, figures, graphs, and manuscript writing


advanced data collection and management solutions

Edaphic Scientific recognises the need for flexible and adaptable sensor and data logging solutions for experimental or environmental monitoring projects.

Data can be downloaded directly in the field from data loggers. A direct connection between the data loggers and your computer, via a USB cable, can be used for manual downloading of data.

Alternatively, data can be downloaded over the internet on your iPhone, iPad or desktop computer with the Sensori cloud-based, data management software solutions. Through this remote based downloading capabilities, you can download, view and manage your data, and system, anywhere in the world and at anytime.


feature specification
Measurement Range 0 to 20.9 %
Accuracy ±0.1 %
Resolution 0.01 %
Dimensions Weight: 220 g; Height: 40 mm; Length: 78 mm
Output Voltage only; 45 - 65mV at 20.9 % O2
Power Input Non-polarised; no power required
Cable Length 5m standard; others on request
Materials Teflon membrane; Polyoxymethylene body
Environmental Tolerance Temperature: -20 to +60 °C; Depth Rating: 5m (~0.5 Bar)
Life Expectancy 5 years
Warranty 1 year

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