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Edaphic Scientific specialises in the configuration and supply of environmental research and monitoring systems. We have provided monitoring systems for projects all around the world including tree water use and growth in the Central Valley, California, ground-truthing drones and isotopes in Costa Rica, the Biosphere Project in Arizona, forests in Finland, Poland and Sweden, and hydrology monitoring at landfills and mine sites in Queensland.


configured, programmed and wired for easy installation

Field work and installing complex monitoring systems is difficult at the best of times. Edaphic Scientific aims to make the process as simple as possible. Our systems are delivered configured, programmed, wired and ready for installation.

Data loggers are powerful tools to collect critical environmental information. However, data loggers are complex and often require extensive experience in programming languages. Setting up systems also requires knowledge of electronics and the correct configuration of power supply. Although many scientists and engineers are experienced in these areas, many others are not. Whether your experienced or not, Edaphic Scientific ensures the monitoring system delivered to you is ready to collect data as you require.

Students also do not always have the necessary skills or knowledge to quickly and efficiently implement complex field or laboratory monitoring systems. Supervisors are time poor and often cannot dedicate the necessary time for training their students. The scientists and engineers at Edaphic Scientific work closely with students to ensure they are comfortable working with the equipment, and it is installed correctly.


one-stop shop

Rather than sourcing equipment from numerous supplies, and the headaches that this provides with completing numerous purchase orders and administration requirements, as well as trying to efficiently install several incompatible sensors, Edaphic Scientific can do all this work for you.

Edaphic Scientific has a comprehensive range of environmental monitoring and research sensors and equipment. We also have access to a large data base of suppliers from around the world who supply common or specialised sensors. We can either supply sensors from our large range of exclusive suppliers; or we can find the right sensor for your project.

Edaphic Scientific has the exclusive distribution rights for many world-leading scientific instrumentation manufacturers. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the lowest cost and most robust sensors possible.


variety and flexibility

Our environmental monitoring and research systems are highly flexible. Our system can support a range of sensor types from voltage, current, SDI-12, Modbus RS-485, pulse, vibrating wires, and many more. It may also be possible to connect some of your existing sensors into our systems.

Edaphic Scientific provide a variety of sensors for applications ranging from marine science to horticulture to microbes in laboratories to rainforests, savannah and woodlands to mice and rates and to almonds, citrus, blueberries, and much more.

Our sensors cover a wide variety of parameters from dissolved oxygen to sap flow to salinity to weather stations and evapotranspiration to carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen sulphide to fruit dendrometers to soil moisture and much, much more.


the right system for your project

Planning, design and configuration is critical for a successful environmental monitoring and research project. Edaphic Scientific consists of scientists and engineers with numerous years’ experience in the design and implementation of simple to complex projects.

We work with you to ensure the correct and most appropriate sensors are being deployed for your project. We also ensure the installation is as efficient as possible with the correct location of data logging systems as well as ensure there if enough power supply, signal strength, and internet access to data.


internet access to data

Edaphic Scientific’s range of data loggers and monitoring systems have the option to access data over the internet. Telemetry options are also available.

We make this as simple as possible for you by providing modems with SIM cards and data storage on secure servers. You can access data online via the Sensori or ZENTRA cloud platforms.

There is also the option to have data sent to your own server or platform via FTP, API or other delivery method. Edaphic Scientific does not lock you into our service or platform. We work with you to ensure the best outcome for your project.