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As the industry leader for environmental research and monitoring equipment in Australia and New Zealand, Edaphic Scientific is committed to offering high-quality equipment and services that support mining operations, landfill sites, groundwater-dependent ecosystems, and more. We consist of a team of experts who work closely with clients to develop customised solutions that meet unique needs. Whether it's monitoring the water quality in a mine site or measuring the impact of pollutants in a landfill, Edaphic Scientific has the expertise to provide accurate and reliable data. Overall, Edaphic Scientific is the go-to choice for anyone seeking high-quality monitoring and research solutions for the industrial and environmental sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

Mining and landfill sites pose unique challenges and require specialised equipment for effective monitoring. With our state-of-the-art solutions, including the latest in environmental scientific technology and web-based internet solutions, we ensure that mining and landfill monitoring and research requirements are met with the highest expectations.


mining and landfill research and monitoring equipment

Edaphic Scientific supplies a comprehensive range of field and laboratory equipment for a range of applications. We are a one-stop shop for research and monitoring requirements for landfill and mining operations. For example, we supply a range of soil water content sensors and lysimeters for soil and groundwater monitoring, infiltrometers for soil-saturated hydraulic conductivity, sap flow sensors for tree water use, transpiration and evapotranspiration, as well as weather stations for meteorological monitoring.

We understand the importance of providing tailored solutions and ensuring the accuracy of data for effective mining and landfill management. Whether it's monitoring water and air quality, soil moisture, or greenhouse gases, our cutting-edge technology provides real-time, accurate measurements. Edaphic Scientific is committed to delivering sustainable solutions that provide long-term benefits to the environment and the people involved. Leading the way in mining and landfill monitoring is what we do best.


phytocaps and phytoremediation

Edaphic Scientific specialise in the monitoring and research of phytocaps and phytoremediation for Australian and New Zealand mine sites and landfills. We’ve worked with leading institutions and companies on phytocaps and phytoremediation, including Griffith University, the University of Melbourne and the Queensland Government. We are a one-stop shop of all phytocap and phytoremediation monitoring and research requirements, including soil water sensors, lysimeters, water level and depth sensors, transpiration and evapotranspiration, and weather stations.

Soil analysis is a crucial component in the success of phytocaps and phytoremediation efforts, which play a significant role in rehabilitating and revegetating land. Edaphic Scientific offers a range of pore water samplers, lysimeters and spectrometers that aid in the detailed analysis of soil, providing critical insights for effective and sustainable land use decisions. This allows for the development of tailored strategies that address specific soil and ecosystem needs, ensuring that rehabilitation efforts are successful and environmentally sound.

groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs)

Edaphic Scientific supplies and supports a comprehensive range of equipment for the monitoring and research of groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDEs). We have support industry and academia, for example, Rio Tinto, University of Western Australia, and AECOM, with a range of equipment including sap flow sensors for tree water use, soil water potential and water content sensors, wick lysimeters, weather stations, and more. Our range of pore water samplers and sampling lysimeters are also used in GDEs for the sampling of solution for isotope analysis. Again, Edaphic Scientific is the one-stop shop for Australian and New Zealand environmental research and monitoring requirements.


a case study: remote monitoring of soil water with internet access