A new range of spectral and radiation sensors

Apogee Radiation Sensors

Edaphic Scientific is now supporting a range of Apogee spectral and radiation sensors for Australian scientific researchers. The state-of-the-art sensors measure a variety of spectral and radiation parameters including solar radiation, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), ultraviolet (UV) radiation, net radiation, NDVI, PRI and infrared temperature for plant canopies. The sensors are SDI-12, calibrated, easy to use, and supported by a variety of IoT enabled devices. The new range of sensors are ideal for applications ranging from evapotranspiration to plant growth and drought stress to solar panels and industry.


the range of spectral and radiation sensors


digital, SDI-12 enabled sensor technology

The spectral and radiation sensors are digital, SDI-12 enabled. Therefore, the sensors are suitable for modern data acquisition devices including LoRa WAN, NB-IoT, WiFi, and more. The sensors are also suitable for traditional devices such as data loggers.


easy installation with the ZL6 and ZENTRA Cloud

METER Group’s ZL6 telemetry data logger and ZENTRA Cloud Platform provide the easiest and least maintenance option for the spectral and radiation sensors.

As a plug-and-play system, the sensors simply connect to the ZL6 and automatically start measuring. There is no programming or wiring – the sensors are automatically recognised by the ZL6 logger and start recording data.

Internet access is also available via the ZENTRA Cloud Platform from METER Group. Each ZL6 logger has a built-in modem and Telstra SIM card that automatically sends data to the ZENTRA Cloud via secure servers.

Australian scientific researchers can then access their data via the ZENTRA Cloud Platform. The ZENTRA platform is a powerful interface to support sensors, build graphs, export and manage data. Where cellular service is unavailable, data can be downloaded manually with a USB cable and free software. The data can then be uploaded to the ZENTRA platform.


numerous applications for spectral and radiation sensors

The Apogee range of spectral and radiation sensors are useful for a range of Australian scientific research applications including:

  • evapotranspiration measurements and modelling with solar and net radiation sensors.
  • meteorological measurements with solar, net radiation and UV sensors.
  • plant growth and light environment with PAR sensors.
  • plant health, growth and carbon allocation with NDVI and PRI sensors.
  • extreme light environments with UV sensors.
  • solar panels and industrial applications with the solar radiation and UV sensors.
  • water stress studies with the infrared radiation temperature sensor and plant canopies.


METER Group, Apogee Instruments and Edaphic Scientific

METER Group (a merged company between Decagon Devices and UMS Germany) and Apogee Instruments have collaborated on several sensing technologies over many years. It is a natural partnership because METER Group is the world leading manufacturer and developer of environment research products and Apogee is the world leading manufacturer of light sensors. Edaphic Scientific is the exclusive distributor for METER Group in Australia with a partnership going back several years. Edaphic Scientific consists of scientists and engineers with decades of experience with environmental research and monitoring devices. The team at Edaphic Scientific provides rapid and comprehensive support for Australian scientific researchers.

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