incubator gas detection

measure CO2 and/or O2 for biological incubators


  • Ideal for checking CO2 levels in biological incubators
  • Measure CO2, temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure
  • Portable, handheld meter or in-situ sensor
  • Measurement range: 0 to 10% CO2
  • Optional oxygen (O2) measurements
  • Sampling pump and tubing for incubators
  • Large, backlit LCD display for easy readability including graphing
  • Audible Alarm
  • Data Logging with micro SD Card (suitable for all sizes, 16GB included)
  • Li-ion rechargeable batteries lasting 30+ hrs


Edaphic Scientific supplies a portable, handheld meter or in-situ sensor for the measurement of carbon dioxide and/or oxygen in biological incubators. The incubator carbon dioxide meter, known as the GasLab Pro (ESCM-1000), is a low cost, easy to use device for the sampling of carbon dioxide. The incubator carbon dioxide sensor, the ESMH-100, is installed inside the incubator for continuous carbon dioxide measurements.

The incubator gas detection devices supplied by Edaphic Scientific are currently being used in many of the world's leading laboratories and universities. Some examples include Pfizer, CSR, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Baker Institute of Medical Research, Thermo Fisher, CSIRO, University of Melbourne, and many more.

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portable meter

The GasLab Pro Multi Gas Sampling Data Logger (ESCM-1000) is a purpose built meter to check biological incubators.

The ESCM-1000 for biological incubators measures CO2 in the range between 0 and 10% and there is an option to include an additional oxygen sensor.

The GasLab Pro ESCM-1000 is delivered to you calibrated, with a certificate, and ready to measure. It is extremely easy to use and maintain - simply turn on and start measuring the CO2 levels in your biological incubator.

The GasLab Pro includes an internal pump that samples air from the biological incubator. This air is then measured for carbon dioxide and/or oxygen concentration. The air can then be returned to the biological incubator as a closed loop or ejected as an open loop.


how the incubator carbon dioxide meter works

Utilizing a micro pump, the device will draw samples in to the sensing chambers from the incubator allowing each sensor to take a fast and accurate measurement of the incubator sample.

The ESCM-1000 CO2 meter for incubators also contains a data logger for continuous, unattended measurements of carbon dioxide from the incubator. The collection of a time series, rather than a single, spot measurement, allows for the checking of the integrity and accuracy of carbon dioxide inside the incubator over a longer period of time.

The GasLab Pro also features safety alarms (80 dB), maximum and minimum readings, Time Weighted Average (TWA, 8 hour exposure, CO2 only), and Short‐Term Exposure Limit (STEL, 15 min. weighted average for CO2 only).


add another sensor to the ESCM-1000

It is also possible to include an additional sensor alongside the standard 0 to 10 % range CO2 sensor inside the CM-1000.

Additional sensor options include oxygen, carbon monoxide or methane.


  • Handheld multi gas detector
  • Calibration certificate
  • Manual
  • USB 1.5M cable
  • Tubing suitable for incubators
  • Hydrophobic and particulate filters
  • Water trap





in-situ sensor

CO2 Carbon Dioxide Incubator SensorThe ESMH-100 Incubator IR CO2 Sensor is designed specifically to monitor and detect carbon dioxide levels in cell incubators to manage ideal cell and tissue growth

The ESMH-100 can be placed directly in the incubation chamber to measure the exact cell experienced environment. It determines the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration based on its IR radiation.


  • IR Dual Beam Sensing Technology
  • High Accuracy, Temperature and Pressure Compensation
  • Heat-sterilization up to 190° C
  • Long Sensor Module Lifetime
  • Humidity Correction
  • Easily integrated into cell incubators


  • Medical (Incubation)
  • Scientific
  • Laboratory





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