hydrogen - laboratory ES-H2-L sensors

determination of dissolved hydrogen in aqueous solutions


The laboratory sensor ES-H2-L consists of a pre-amplifier covered by a titanium housing and a sensitive tip covered by a titanium protection cage.

  • Rapid measurements of dissolved hydrogen.
  • Calibrated and ready to use.
  • Ideal for solutions with depths less than 1m.
  • Data loggers are available if required.

The amperometric H2 micro-sensor has been developed for the in-situ determination of dissolved hydrogen-containing aqueous solutions. Therefore, the sensor is suitable for direct measurements in coloured and turbid solutions.

Special applications are the measurement in the condensate of compost factories and in power stations, but also in the chemical industry to follow chemical reactions. Compared with all the commercially available hydrogen sensors, this amperometric hydrogen micro-sensor works with such a low analyte consumption that streaming of the sensor membrane or stirring of the analyte is unnecessary. And an additional stirrer is not necessary for stationary measurements.

The second advantage of the microsensor compared to other H2 sensors is the speedy response time of the AMT hydrogen microsensor with t90% below 2 seconds compared with a minimum of approximately 30 to 120 seconds in the case of the conventional sensors.

The third advantage of the microsensor is based on the microsensor technology itself. The signal stability of amperometric hydrogen micro-sensors is essentially better. And the high local signal resolution allows some new applications, for instance, the profiling in μm-steps. Besides, measurements in soft sediments or muds also became practicable. But such measurements are at your own risk. Mechanical damage to the sensor tip is not covered by the guarantee.



feature specification
measuring principle amperometric membrane covered micro-sensor
sensors 3 sensor electrodes with exchangeable sensor head
necessary time for the first polarisation approx. 45-60 minutes
streaming or stirring of the membrane streaming of the membrane or stirring is not necessary, low analyte consumption
suitability suitable for the determination of concentration gradients with high local resolution
measuring ranges 0,0005....1 mg/l H2 others on request
accuracy of the sensor better than 2% of the measuring value
temperature range 0°C to 30°C (for storage and measurement)
response times t90%: below 2 seconds
average lifetime approximately 6-10 months, influenced by the samples matrix
pressure stability up to 10 bar (if the connector is not integrated into the pressure system)
housing made of titanium
*amperometric Hydrogen Micro-sensor *) Changes for technical improvement are reserved

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