dissolved hydrogen meter

a handheld, portable dissolved hydrogen meter


The determination of the total dissolved hydrogen is one of the most important parameters for the analysis in power plants, wastewater and in industry.

On the other hand, the total dissolved hydrogen concentration is an interesting parameter for scientists of several scientific departments. They use this parameter to understand chemical reactions and to optimise the process of the industrial production of chemicals.

But due to a lot of the hydrogen’s inconvenient chemical properties, like high chemical reactivity, possible storage in metals and the fast concentration exchange between the liquid sample and the gaseous phase above (mostly air), the determination is difficult. Even though the sampling and the determination have been done very carefully, the results are uncertain and mostly disappointing.

All these disadvantages could be avoided if the new Submersible Hydrogen Probe System is used for the accurate and reliable in-situ determination in depths of up to 100 m or in case of pressures of up to 10 bar.

The “heart” of this new probe is the hydrogen micro-sensor, which allows a very fast measurement with a very high local concentration resolution. For details, please read the “general information for the hydrogen micro-sensor”.

Special Features:

  • Sensors for H2 (amperometric micro-sensor), temperature and depth/pressure
  • Very easy sensor exchange
  • Windows-based software for display of chemical/physical units and diagrams
  • Free selection of displayed parameters (H2, T, pressure)
  • Titanium-made housing and protection cage
  • Subconn titanium connector
  • Very small dimensions (48 mm diameter, 440 mm total length)
  • Low weight of 1 kg
  • Small and low-weight cable (< 6 mm diameter)
  • Low running costs for chemical sensor replacement



feature specification
Principle Amperometric micro-sensor
Range 0,2 µg/l...0,5 mg/l 2 µg/l...1 mg/l
Accuracy 2% of reading
Resolution 0,1 µg/l H2 0,4 µg/l H2
Response time < 1s
Dimensions Ø 48, length: 440 mm
Weight on air: 1,3 kg
Material Titanium
Connector Subconn MCBH5M
Power Supply External: 7...16 V DC Internal Battery: 1...5 V DC
Current consumption External power supply: 15 mA Li-battery (3,6 V): approx. 20...35 mA Alk.-battery (1,5 V): approx. 50...90 mA
Data output Serial port RS232
Memory capacity: 8 MB (approx. 350.000 data sets)
Our policy of continual improvement, the design and specifications of our products may vary from those illustrated

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