measurements of dissolved oxygen


  • Rapid measurements of dissolved oxygen.
  • Ideal for solutions with depths less than 1m.
  • Data loggers are available if required.

This laboratory version of the galvanic AMT-O2-microsensor has been developed above all for the very fast measurement of dissolved oxygen. The sensor has very short response times and streaming as it is well known from nearly all kind of Clark-type oxygen sensors is not necessary. So profiling and stationary measurements without stirring the analyte become possible with very high signal and local resolution.

The sensor is ready for use immediately without any polarization or warm-up time. The sensor includes an integrated electronic device for the transformation of the sensor current into a voltage of 0...+ 3 V (DC) and an exchangeable sensor tip. The exchange of the sensor tip is very easy and could be done by the customer himself.

All sensors are delivered with temperature compensation data and with mathematics to calculate the oxygen concentration or the saturation index.



feature specification*
sensor type galvanic membrane covered micro-sensor tip
power supply 9 ... 30 V DC (not included)
polarisation polarizes itself
streaming of the membrane not necessary
stirring of the analyte not necessary
output 0 ... + 3 VDC
connector Fischer-type
materials titanium (housing), silicone (membrane), glass (sensor), epoxy resin
dimensions total length (without connector): 205.0 mm diameter housing (main body): 12.7 mm diameter housing (largest part): 16.7 mm
concentration range variable, approx. 0 ... 150%
accuracy ± 2% (measuring value) ± 1 digit
temperature range 0°C ... 30°C (for measurement and storage)
response time (t90%) down to some hundred milliseconds
lifetime approx. 3000 measuring hours at 100% saturation
signal interferences H2S (sensor may be destroyed)
special features exchangeable sensor tip, integrated electronic device for transformation of pA-current into 0 ... + 3 V DC
*) Changes for technical improvement are reserved

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