amperometric ozone micro-sensor


  • Rapid measurements of dissolved ozone.
  • Calibrated and ready to use.
  • Ideal for solutions with depths less than 1m.
  • Data loggers are available if required.

This laboratory amperometric AMT ozone microsensor has been developed above all for the very fast in-situ and online measurement of ozone and for watching ozone concentrations in industrial applications.

For measuring the ozone concentration, the sensor must be combined with a temperature measurement. Edaphic Scientific can supply a temperature sensor upon request.

The working principle of the sensor could be explained simply as follows: Because of the partial pressure of the gaseous ozone, the analyte is separated by permeation through the membrane. Inside the sensor, the ozone reacts electrochemically at the working electrode. This causes a current corresponding to the partial pressure of the dissolved ozone.

Streaming of the membrane - as it is well-known from all the other membrane-covered electrochemical sensors - is not necessary. Due to the micro-sensor technology, measurements with high local resolutions of some micrometers are possible.

Both turbid and coloured solutions do not interfere with the signal.

The sensor includes an integrated electronic device for the transformation of the sensor current into a voltage of 0...+ 3 V (DC). The main working range is mostly between 0 and 1 V DC output.

All sensors are delivered with sensor slope, temperature compensation data and mathematical formulas for calculating the ozone concentration. The exchange of sensor tips is very easy.

Please take note that the sensor delivers only the raw data (mV) and that you have to use a temperature sensor for temperature measurements in order to compensate for the O3 sensor’s temperature dependence.



feature specification*
sensor type amperometric membrane covered micro-sensor
power supply 9 ... 30 V DC (not included)
polarisation time approx. 10-20 minutes after switching on, less in case of only short brakes, more in case of natural aged sensors
streaming of the membrane not necessary
stirring of the analyte not necessary
output 0 ... + 3 V DC (main working range approximately 0...1 V DC)
materials titanium (housing), silicone (membrane), glass (sensor), epoxy resin
concentration range 0,02....10 mg/l ozone (standard, others on request)
accuracy ± 2% (measuring value)
pressure range up to 100 dbar
temperature range 0°C ... 30°C (for measurement and storage)
lifetime approx. 6-10 months depending on the application
signal interferences H2S
special features exchangeable sensor tip (dissolved oxygen), integrated electronic device for transformation of pA-currents into 0 ... + 3 V DC
temperature dependence additional temperature measurement required
*) Changes for technical improvement are reserved.

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