CR300 data logger

data logger with optional WiFi or ethernet


  • The CR300 data logger is a low cost, high flexibility data logger for the measurement of one or a few sensors
  • Optional WiFi or Ethernet models for wireless download of data
  • Edaphic Scientific provides pre-programmed, CR300 model data loggers for scientific research and environmental monitoring projects
  • We can program the data loggers according to your requirements or you can write your own programs
  • Ideal for sap flow, soil moisture and weather station sensors
  • Rapid download of data via direct connection with USB cable
  • Options for remote download of data over the internet

The CR300 is a multi-purpose, compact, low-cost measurement and control datalogger. This entry-level datalogger, with its rich instruction set, can measure most hydrological, meteorological, environmental, and industrial sensors. It will concentrate data, making it available over varied networks and deliver it using your preferred protocol. The CR300 also performs automated on-site or remote decision making for control and M2M communications. The CR300 is ideal for small applications requiring long-term, remote monitoring and control.


Data Logger Enclosureenvironmental enclosure

Edaphic Scientific provides an environmental enclosure to protect the CR300 data logger from the weather. The environmental enclosure is lockable with either a standard lock or with the option of a heavy duty padlock.

For field systems, Edaphic Scientific provides solar panel power supply. The solar panel size will depend on your application and can range from 20W to 80W.


whole system monitoring solutions

Edaphic Scientific is a one-stop shop for a whole system monitoring solution. We provide plant and soil monitoring systems for researchers and growers.

Our systems not only support dendrometers, but related sensors such as sap flow, soil moisture, weather parameters, and more.

At Edaphic Scientific we want to work with you from the start of your project through to its completion. We can provide:

  • Assistance with project and experimental design
  • Procurement of all monitoring equipment, including sensors, data loggers and data management software. Edaphic Scientific is a one-stop shop where we can source and find any necessary equipment for your project from our preferred suppliers or third party suppliers
  • Installation and training
  • On-going assistance with data interpretation and equipment maintenance
  • Data correction and analysis, including statistical analysis with the R-package
  • Report and publication preparation including tables, figures, graphs, and manuscript writing


advanced data collection and management solutions

DMS IPhoneEdaphic Scientific recognises the need for flexible and adaptable sensor and data logging solutions for experimental or environmental monitoring projects.

Data can be downloaded directly in the field from data loggers. A direct connection between the data loggers and your computer, via a USB cable, can be used for manual downloading of data.

Alternatively, data can be downloaded over the internet on your iPhone, iPad or desktop computer with the cloud-based, data management software solutions. Through this remote based downloading capabilities, you can download, view and manage your data, and system, anywhere in the world and at anytime.



remote downloads

Download data remotely from the CR1000X with the INTELIMAX modem and Eagle.IO platform.

Edaphic Scientific provides a completely configured system for your remote monitoring projects. Everything is pre-programmed and ready to work. Just either choose one of our SIM cards or provide your own SIM card.

Data is downloaded over the internet anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. At the site, transmission of data is via the 3G mobile/cellular phone network.

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