TEROS borehole installation tool

the reliable way to install TEROS soil moisture sensors


The TEROS Borehole Installation Tool is the easiest and most reliable way to install TEROS soil moisture sensors with only a small 4-inch auger hole. The new redesign has added even more features:

  • Install more sensors: The tool is now compatible with the TEROS 21 water potential sensor as well as the TEROS 10, 11, and 12 soil moisture sensors.
  • Install deeper: The original tool installed at depths up to 1.8 meters. The new design allows for virtually limitless installation depths with additional extensions that can be purchased separately.
  • Precise placement: The included plate guide designates 4 set positions that make pinpoint positioning and retrieval of a specific sensor infinitely easier.

When it comes to getting accurate soil moisture data, installation quality is just as important as the sensor you choose. Discover everything the new TEROS Borehole Installation Tool can do to make your soil moisture sensor installation more accurate and hassle-free

Accurate soil moisture measurement requires precise installation. If installation isn’t done right, no matter how well you calibrate, your data will be bad.


what's the value of your time?

Manually digging trenches and going down boreholes to remove air gaps consumes a significant amount of a researcher's time and energy. The process is fraught with the potential for human error. To address this, we introduce the TEROS Borehole Installation Tool.


updated design features

Designed expressly for the rapid and precise installation of water content sensors, the TEROS Borehole Installation Tool simplifies the process. A small 10 cm (4 in) hand-augered hole is sufficient, eliminating the need for large trenches. This allows for deeper installations with minimal site disruption and less physical effort. The tool comes equipped to reach depths of up to 2 metres, and additional extensions can be added for virtually unlimited depth.


versatility in one tool

The revised design accommodates a variety of TEROS sensors, including TEROS 10, 11, 12 soil moisture sensors and the TEROS 21 matric potential sensor. Included are adaptors custom-made to secure each sensor type as it is inserted into the soil, releasing it smoothly once positioned. An additional adaptor helps to create the initial pilot hole for the TEROS 21 at the optimal angle. Achieve quick, consistent installations in undisturbed soil at virtually any depth.


reduced margin for error

The quality of water content measurements is heavily reliant on optimal soil-to-sensor contact. The TEROS Borehole Installation Tool is engineered to provide accurate placements by eliminating air gaps and preventing preferential flow. Mechanical leverage replaces manual application, ensuring sensors are inserted straight and perpendicular, even through tough clay soils. To further minimise errors, a plate guide is included to assist in setting precise depth and alignment at four points around the borehole, making it easier to document sensor locations for efficient removal and cable protection. The result is not just more measurements but also greater confidence in their accuracy.


less drilling, less fuss

In line with all our products, the TEROS Borehole Installation Tool delivers greater accuracy with less effort. Capable of reaching deeper borehole depths than an arm's length, the tool shortens the total installation time to roughly 30 minutes, compared to the two or more hours needed for trench digging. A built-in flashlight enhances visibility down holes and ensures proper sensor placement, all contributing to significant time savings and reduced hassle.


efficient water content sensor installation

The time-consuming nature of field installations is now a thing of the past, thanks to the fast, simple, and precise methods facilitated by the TEROS Borehole Installation Tool. This robust instrument is hand-crafted to offer easier, quicker, and more reliable sensor installations at greater depths, making the process something to look forward to rather than avoid.


TEROS Borehole Installation Tool video






Canvas Bag

Length: 120.00 cm (47.24 in)
Width: 15.00 cm (5.91 in)
Height: 15.00 cm (5.91 in)


Brand: Eijkelkamp
Handle and head: 0.6 m (1.97 ft)
Diameter: 100.00 mm (3.94 in)
Extension: 1.00 m (3.28 ft) (makes a total of 2 m long)


Length: 50.0 cm (19.7 in)
Material: Stainless steel

Handle Rod

Length: 106.00 cm (41.73 in)
Diameter: 35 mm (13.78 in)

Extension Outer Rod

Length: 106.00 cm (41.73 in)
Diameter: 35 mm (13.78 in)

Extension Inner Rod

Length: 103.00 cm (40.55 in)
Diameter: 14 mm (0.55 in)


Diameter, inner 100.00 mm (3.94 in)

Weight Assembled

9.00 kg (19.84 lb)

manual & docs

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