TriSCAN sensors


  • Soil Salinity ProbeMeasure moisture, temperature and/or salinity
  • Sensors can be interchanged on a measurement probe to 40m depth
  • High accuaracy: CSIRO calibration co-efficients of r2 = 0.992
  • Large field of influence - measure 10cm radial distance into the soil from the sensor

The TriSCAN sensors utilize capacitance based technology to provide near continuous measurements within the soil profile.

By creating a high frequency electrical field around the sensor, extending through the access tube into the surrounding soil, the sensors detect the changes in dielectric constant, or permittivity, of the soil over time. At high frequency the measurement is affected predominantly by water molecules. The greater the amount of water, the smaller the frequency measured between the two brass rings of the sensor.


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soil moisture sensor

soil water sensorThe soil moisture sensor gives an output in volumetric water content (mm of water per 100 mm of soil measured). This is converted from a scaled frequency reading using a default calibration equation, which is based on data obtained from numerous scientific studies in a range of soil textures.

User defined, or site specific calibration equations can be applied to each individual sensor to provide a very high level of accuracy.

The soil moisture sensor is suitable for use in all soil types under all conditions of soil water content, from saturated to oven dry.


TriSCAN™ sensor

Soil EC SensorThe TriSCAN sensor provides measurements of both soil water and salinity. By employing a patented measurement technique the TriSCAN sensor is able to distinguish between soil water content and salt content. This information is then processed using a Sentek derived model to calculate soil volumetric ion content (VIC) separately from the Volumetric Water Content.

The TriSCAN sensor is designed for fertilizer and salinity management in research, agriculture and environmental applications. The TriSCAN sensor is optimized for one of agriculture's most common soil textures of sands and sandy loams, and is currently not suitable for clays.


  • Accuracy: R2 correlation = 0.992 (correlation between Sentek sensor and actual volumetric soil water content)
  • Precision: ±0.003%
  • Range: 0% to Soil Dependent Saturation
  • Radial Sphere of Influence: 99% of measurement within 10 cm radial distance of sensor
  • Sensor Diameter: 50.5 mm
  • Salinity Range (TriSCAN only): 0 to 17 dS/m
  • Salinity Accuracy (TriSCAN only): ±8%
access tubes

The TriSCAN sensor are compatible with the EnviroSCAN access tubes and moisture probes. Click here for more information.


data loggers

environmental data loggerThe soil moisture and TriSCAN sensors are compatible with our range of telemetry data loggers and Campbell Scientific data loggers. Edaphic Scientific provides complete support for our range of data loggers including writing programs and scripts specific to your application, wiring, training, and assistance with field installation.

The soil moisture and TriSCAN sensors are also compatible with the stand-alone, SOLO data logger.


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