pH deep sea sensor

Deep Sea Dissolved OxygenOur pH sensors come in two different models: shallow water and a deep water model. The shallow water pH sensor is suitable for laboratory measurements or field measurements to 1200m depth. The pH-combined shallow water sensor with integrated electronic device has been developed above all for interfacing with existing CTD probe systems. The deep water model pH sensor is suitable to depths of 4000m.

The sensor consists of a pressure balanced glass-electrode and a reference electrode (Ag/AgCl) in a plastic rod. It is equipped with a ceramic diaphragm containing a high number of pores. The electrolyte is a KCl containing gel without silver ions to allow also measurements in H2S and sulphide containing samples. The pH shallow water sensor is equipped with a titanium housing including the electronic device, with a plastics protection cage and a BH 4 M SUBCONN titanium connector. On own risk the protection cage could be screwed off. The sensor has to be calibrated by the customer itself (calibration on request). All electrodes are delivered with wetting cap containing pH 4 buffer/KCl and covering the measuring end.

specifications - shallow water model
  • measuring range: variable between 0...14 pH
  • accuracy: ±0.05 pH
  • resolution: approx. 0.003 pH
  • pressure range: up to 1200 dbar
  • dimensions: length overall: 240 mm
  • diameters: max. 37 mm (with protection cage); max. 30 mm (without protection cage)
  • connector: BH 4 M SUBCONN, titanium, others on request
  • output: 0 to 5 V DC
  • input voltage: 9 to 30 V DC
  • current uptake: approx. 13 mA
  • response time: 1 second (63% of reading)
specifications - deep water model
  • measuring range: variable between 0...14 pH, standard: 2...11 pH
  • accuracy: ±0.05 pH
  • resolution: 0.01 pH
  • pressure range: up to 6,000 dbar
  • required power supply: 9.5...18 V DC as standard (others on request)
  • signal output: 0 ... + 5 V DC (others on request)
  • dimensions: diameter: 30.0 (-0.5 mm), length: 250 mm over all


manual and spec sheets

Download pH Shallow Water Sensor Model Manual

Download pH Shallow Water Spec Sheet

Download pH Deep Sea Sensor Spec Sheet