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CO2 for incubators

The portable or data logging CO2 meter has an internal pump and is ideal for incubators, growth cabinets and research.


In 2018, Edaphic Scientific is offering a research equipment grant with a value of AUD$ 5000.00. 

The grant is open to any researcher in Australia and New Zealand.


Applying for the grant is simple:

  • Browse the Edaphic Scientific website and find equipment you require for your research;
  • Contact Edaphic Scientific for a quote;
  • If you are the recipient of the grant, agree to write a short article about your research that will be uploaded to the Edaphic Scientific blog; and
  • Complete the submission form.

All applications for the grant will be placed into a blind pool and assigned an ID number. A random number generator will then decide which application will be the recipient of the grant.


important dates

Submissions will close at: 9pm AEST, Friday 8th June, 2018

Recipient of the grants will be announced on 11th June, 2018


available research equipment

Stomatal Conductance

The Decagon SC-1 Leaf Porometer is an ideal instrument for the measurement of leaf stomatal conductance and transpiration.

The grant is only available for equipment listed on the Edaphic Scientific website:


You can either browse the Edaphic Scientific website to find the research equipment you require; or if you need a specific piece of research equipment, contact us and we can assist you further.


applying for grant
  1. Submit your application on this webpage: Edaphic Scientific Research Equipment Grant Submission Form


how the recipient of the grant will be decided

Soil Volumetric Water Content

The handheld, portable soil moisture meter is based on TDR and can accurately measure soil moisture in the field or glasshouse.

All submissions will be judged equally. All submissions will be given a unique identification number. These numbers will then be fed into a random number generator. A number will then be generated randomly and the corresponding submission will be the recipient of the grant.


important considerations
  • The research equipment grant is effectively an up to $5000 discount from the purchase of scientific equipment from Edaphic Scientific. Therefore, you can submit an application for equipment that may cost in excess of $5000 however you must have pre-existing funding to fill the gap. For example, if a piece of research equipment costs $7000, Edaphic Scientific will cover $5000 and you must have existing funding to cover the remaining $2000. Edaphic Scientific is essentially offering a $5000 discount on a quote to you for scientific equipment you need for your research.
  • If the quote in your grant submission is for a total less than $5000, Edaphic Scientific will only cover the quoted amount at the time of grant funding. Edaphic Scientific is not offering credit under any circumstance or will not provide any difference in the quoted amount and $5000 on a future quote.
  • Edaphic Scientific will also cover the costs of freight and delivery of the equipment to your location.
  • If you are the recipient of the research grant, you must provide a purchase order for the equipment citing the quote number you were given during the submission process. The purchase order must be provided no later than 22nd June 2018.
  • Delivery of equipment will be made within 8 weeks from the 9th June 2017, but usually delivery is made within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • The equipment grant is strictly non-transferable and only available for items listed on your quote.
  • The grant is not available in conjunction with any other offer or existing discount from a quote. Edaphic Scientific is not offering a grant on a discounted item.


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