A new water level sensor for hydrology and irrigation

Implexx Sense has released a new range of low cost, IoT-enabled, water level, depth or pressure sensors.

The Implexx Water Level Sensor is ideal for hydrologists and irrigation managers. The water level sensors can be installed in tanks, boreholes, streams, lakes, rivers, estuaries and marine environments, to a depth of 200 metres.

The Implexx Water Level Sensors are ideal for groundwater monitoring, salinity, and for a large range of hydrology applications.

The sensor housing is either stainless steel (standard model) or titanium for high saline environments.

The output from the sensor is currently 4..20 mA or voltage with an SDI-12 model available later in 2020.

Here is a weblink for further information on the Implexx Water Level Sensor.


internet access to water level measurements

The Implexx Water Level Sensor is supported by the ES-SYS range of data loggers. Data from the ES-SYS range of loggers can be accessed via the internet through the Eagle online platform.

Data can be accessed anywhere in the world with a mobile phone and internet connection.

Through the Eagle platform, data can be viewed, downloaded into a csv file, and additional features, such as alarms and alerts, can be set.

Here is a weblink for further information on the ES-SYS and Eagle online platform.


ideally suited to IoT devices

The Implexx Water Level Sensor is ideally suited to a range of IoT devices including LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Cat-M1 modems, and many more.

The pressure sensor can be connected to the range of IoT devices supplied by Edaphic Scientific.

Alternatively, the scientists and engineers at Edaphic Scientific can assist you in connecting the Implexx Water Level Sensor to your existing IoT device.


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