Leaf temperature sensors and water wise research

Leaf Temperature Sensor

Plant physiologists and irrigation scientists need accurate and reliable leaf and canopy temperature sensors for scientific research.

Recently, the LT-1T Leaf Temperature Sensor from Edaphic Scientific was deployed by researchers at the CSIRO for a project on irrigation management of tomato crops.

The LT-1T is a small, temperature sensor that firmly clips onto a leaf. It therefore provides an accurate measurement of the temperature micro-environment on the leaf without actually disturbing the leaf and the properties it is trying to measure.

For an indirect contact sensor, the LT-IRM is an infrared canopy temperature sensor can also measure leaf or whole plant temperature.

The researchers at CSIRO are developing a tool for irrigators to better manage their increasingly expensive and scarce water resources. Known as the WaterWise project, the researchers hope that by measuring leaf or canopy temperature then more efficient irrigation management decisions can be made.

Here is a YouTube video with more information on the project:



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