ZL6-B Basic

low cost, easy to use, data logger


The ZL6-B Basic is a stand-alone data logger unit that is low cost and easy to use.

It is a specialised data logger designed to supported the METER Group range of sensors including TEROS, ATMOS and PHYTOS models.

Features of the ZL6-B data logger include:

  • No programming - simply connect sensors and you're done;
  • 6 channels - measure and monitor a range of parameters by choosing up to six METER Group sensors;
  • AA-sized batteries for easy power supply management; and
  • IP56, or NEMA 3R, environmental and weather proof enclosure.


ZL6 versus ZL6-B Basic

The ZL6-B is similar to the ZL6 model but with a few important differences. These include:

  • The ZL6-B does not contain a modem and cannot send data to the internet;
  • The ZL6-B has a fixed logging interval of 1 hour; and
  • Data must be downloaded manually with the USB cable and the freely available ZENTRA Utility software.
free software for configuration and downloading data

The ZENTRA Utility app is a free software that allows you to easily interact with the ZL6-B data logger.

By following GUI promps, you can configure your sensors, view data in real-time, download data to .csv file, and more.

The ZENTRA Utility app operates via direct connection with a USB cable or wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.


compatible sensors

The ZL6 data logger is only compatible with the METER Group range of sensors. Third-party sensors are not supported by the ZL6 data logger.

Connecting the METER Group range of sensors is easy - simply connect via the stereo plug, set sensor type in the ZENTRA Utility app, and you're done!

No programming is required.

Click on the "RELATED PRODUCTS" tab, above, to see a range of compatible sensors including TEROS soil water content and potential, EC sensors, and ATMOS weather sensors.


feature specification
sensor input ports 6 (supports METER analog, digital, or pulse sensors)
sensor port type 3.5-mm stereo plug connector
logging interval fixed at 1 hour intervals (average or accumulation of 60, 1-min sensor readings)
reporting interval hourly (average or accumulation of 60, 1-min sensor readings)
data storage capacity 2 MB (20,000 to 30,000 records depending on configuration)
memory type nonvolatile flash, full data retention with loss of power
battery capacity 6 x AA batteries
battery life 3–12 months depending on configuration
computer communication standard USB cable, USB A to micro-B
enclosure weather-, impact-, and UV-resistant polymer
enclosure rating IP56, NEMA 3R
enclosure dimensions 14.9 cm × 25 cm × 6.3 cm
enclosure access & mounting hinged door with latches and eyelets for lock or zip tie
operating environment –40 to +60 °C (0%–100% relative humidity)
compliance Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 EM ISO/IEC 17050:2010 (CE Mark)
warranty 1 year

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