manual band dendrometer

D1 dendrometer for tree growth & carbon allocation


Manual Band DendrometerThe D1 Manual Band Dendrometer from METER Group (formally UMS) is an ideal tool for scientifc research and forest management.

The dendrometer is designed to measure changes in the circumference of tree trunks or stems over time.

Simply, install the D1 Manual Band Dendrometer and periodically return to the tree to note the changes in circumference. Over time, the tree trunk will grow and this growth, or carbon allocation, will be noted in a larger circumference on the D1 dendrometer.

The D1 Manual Band Dendrometer is accurate and reliable for scientific research because it has the following features:

  • the tape is manufactured from Astralon plastic which has low friction and low thermal expansion properties;
  • the scale reading is already converted to diameter for easy, and less confusing, data collection;
  • a uniquely shaped, and frictionless, Vernier scale for easier and precise measurements;
  • minimum trunk diameter of 10 cm and no limit to a maximum trunk diameter; and
  • longevity - the manual band dendrometer will survive many years in a woodland or forest environment.


D1 Manual Band Dendrometer Scientific Research Examples




feature specification
length 2100 mm
width 15 mm
thickness 0.5 mm
thermal elongation 75x10-6 /K
tensile strength 64 N/mm2
coefficient of friction 0.5 on dry bark
operating temperature -30° C to 60° C
band weight 16 g
spring weight 7 g (short), 14 g (long)
warranty 1 year

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