soil moisture, temperature and salinity monitoring system


EnviroSCAN probe is the only commercially available product that can monitor soil moisture, salinity, temperature and humidity at depths from 0.5 metres to 40 metres (120 feet).
The probe delivers a deep understanding of your soil, offering flexibility and precision monitoring at multiple depths.

EnviroSCAN can be used for vineyards, tree crops, research projects, irrigated and dryland crops, as well as environmental and landscape management.


probe features
  • Select desired sensors to measure soil moisture, with optional salinity and/or temperature and access tube humidity
  • Up to 16 sensors at 10 cm intervals, with adjustable depth placement
  • Monitoring from shallow depths (0–10 cm) to deep installations (up to 40 meters).
  • Flexible probe lengths, customised to suit the application (probe length adjustable in the field).
  • The top of the access tube is sealed with two different top cap designs, depending on application: flat cap or screw cap.
  • In-built probe orientation and depth settings to enhance sensor repeatability.
  • RTV silicon conformal coating for extra circuit protection
  • Full serviceability. You can swap and adjust sensors as needed.
  • Flexible connectivity for a wide range of data retrieval options.
  • Soil-specific calibrations can be applied to individual sensors.


access tube features
  • Protects sensors from direct soil contact, significantly increasing sensor life
  • Quick, easy, undisturbed installation option
  • Made for long-term use
  • Choice of base to suit predrilled, slurry or self-tapped hole
  • Protruding, tightly sealed screw cap OR ground-level, watertight flat cap (see below)
  • Improved sensor accuracy due to precise wall thickness and diameter
  • Easy access for in-field service and maintenance, avoids removing probe and affecting historical data integrity


  • Reliable performance.
  • Get the precise data needed for making clear-cut soil decisions.
  • Provides great flexibility for precision monitoring of water and salinity at multiple depths in a soil profile.
  • Widely used in all forms of agriculture (irrigated and dryland), environmental applications, research and education, as well as turf, parks and gardens.Decagon ZL6 Data Logger Web


data loggers

The EnviroSCAN is compatible with our range of telemetry data loggers and Campbell Scientific data loggers. Edaphic Scientific provides complete support for our range of data loggers, including writing programs and scripts specific to your application, wiring, training, and assistance with field installation.

The EnviroSCAN is also compatible with the stand-alone SOLO data logger.



placement of sensors in the soil profile


installation of enviroscan




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