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soil nitrate measurements


Edaphic Scientific supplies the only available complete kit to accurately measure the nitrate concentration of your soil or substrate.

The Soil Nitrogen Kit is a low cost, easy to use, and accurate method to measure nitrogen, as nitrate, in soil or substrate.

The kit is ideally suited to growers and scientific researchers who need to know the concentration of nitrogen, as nitrate, that is available for plants.

Unlike other methods, the Soil Nitrogen Kit measures nitrate in soil solution which is the nitrate that is specifically available for plant nutrition and growth. Therefore, the Soil Nitrogen Kit provides the most accurate measurement of nitrate availability for plants.

how it works

Nitrate SensorThe Soil Nitrogen Kit works easily by extracting solution from the soil or substrate and then measuring this solution for its nitrate concentration.

A pore water sampler, that is provided with the Soil Nitrogen Kit, is installed in the soil or substrate to collect the solution.

Once enough solution has been collected, it is transferred to the Nitrate Photometer for measurement of nitrate concentration.

Following a few minutes for the measurement to take place inside of the Nitrate Photometer, a measurement value is displayed on the LCD screen. The measurement of nitrate concentration is given as mg/L.

field or laboratory measurements

Soil Nitrogen MeterThe Soil Nitrogen Kit is a small, portable and light-weight kit that can be set up in the laboratory or taken out into the field.

The Nitrogen Photometer is powered via a 9V, D-Cell type battery which makes the Soil Nitrogen Kit very portable for field work.

Alternatively, soil or substrate solution samples can be carried back to the laboratory or workshop for bench-top measurements of nitrate concentration.

measurement range

The Soil Nitrogen Kit is available in two separate nitrate measurement ranges: 0 to 30 mg/L and 0 to 100 mg/L.

For most applications, a nitrate measurement range of 0 to 30 mg/L, or 0 to 30 ppm, is suitable.

For applications where high nitrate concentrations are expected, then the 0 to 100 mg/L option is more suitable.


feature specification
Measurement Range 0 to 30 mg/L | 0 to 100 mg/L
Measurement Resolution 0.1 mg/L | 1 mg/L
Measurement Accuracy ±0.5 mg/L ±10% of reading | ±5 mg/L ±5% of reading
Nitrate Method adaptation of the cadmium reduction method
Pore Water Sampler Type Hydrophilic membrane composed of a blend of polyvinylpyrrolidine and polyethersulfone
Pore Size 0.12 – 0.18 µm
Collection Volume 10, 20 or 30 mL
Pore Water Sampler pH Range Tolerance 2 to 12
Pore Water Sampler Temperature Tolerance 1 to 90 °C
Pore Water Sampler Pressure Tolerance -300 to +300 kPa
Photometer Temperature Tolerance 0 to 50 °C
Photometer Humidity Tolerance 0 to 95 % RH non-condensing
Photometer Power Supply 9V battery
Photometer Dimensions 193 x 104 x 69 mm
Photometer Weight 360 grams
Photometer Light Source tungsten lamp
Photometer Light Detector silicon photocell with narrow band interference filter @ 525 nm
Warranty 12 months on photometer only

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