soil water, temperature & EC meter


The TDR-150 Soil Moisture Meter is an easy to use, portable, handheld meter that is ideal for measuring soil water content, or relative water content, in soils typical for Australia and New Zealand.

The TDR-150 can also measure soil temperature and electrical conductivity (EC).

The TDR-150 Soil Moisture Meter measurement principle is based on Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and is considered one of the most accurate approaches to measuring soil moisture. The TDR-150 will be highly accurate across all soil types where EC is less than 2mS/cm.

The TDR-150 operates off 4 x AAA batteries that have a life of approximately 12 months.

Select from the 3.8cm, 7.5cm, 12cm or 20cm probe rods (sold separately) to suit your measurement depth. The LCD interface provides two modes: volumetric water content and relative water content (irrigation management) mode.

For data logging and GPS capabilities, see the TDR-350 Soil Moisture Meter.


feature specification
Measurement Principle Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
Measurement Units Volumetric water content (% VWC) | relative water content (% RWC) | raw values (microseconds)
Resolution 0.1% volumetric water content
Accuracy ±3.0% VWC with manufacturer's calibration | ±0.0% VWC with custom calibration
Range 0% to 100% with custom calibration
Power Supply 4 x AAA alkaline batteries; approximately 12-month battery life

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