implexx dipmeter

portable water level tape meter


  • Groundwater monitoringLow cost, calibrated, robust, and reliable water level tape meter
  • Portable, lightweight, battery powered and easy to use
  • Accuracy to the millimetre
  • Ideal for hydrology and irrigation applications including tanks, boreholes, groundwater wells and more
  • Available in lengths up to 600 metres
  • Part number: IMPLEXX-DIP

The Implexx Dipmeter is a high quality, low-cost and robust portable water level tape meter for field measurements of water depth or level. The Implexx Dipmeter is ideal for a range of hydrology and environmental applications including borehole and groundwater measurements. The Implexx Dipmeter is also ideal for irrigation and agricultural applications to measure water level of tanks and wells.


robust construction

The Implexx Dipmeter is manufactured from rugged, robust materials. The probe is stainless steel and submersible. The reel is constructed from nylon or steel. The frame is a sturdy, polyurethane-coated steel.

The robust design allows for years of fieldwork that minimises wear and tear.


measurement depths

The Implexx Dipmeter can measure a range of depths including:

  • 50m
  • 100m
  • 200m
  • 400m
  • 600m


how it works

The Implexx Dipmeter is battery powered. The stainless steel probe is lowered into the borehole or well. When the contact point inside the probe contacts water, the reel will stop (a buzzer on the reel will sound) and water level is measured. The reel is then reversed to retrieve the stainless steel probe and tape from the borehole of well.



feature specification
Tape Length (m) 50 | 100 | 200 | 400 | 600
Weight (kg) 4.5 | 6.5 | 11.5 | 22 | 33
Accuracy 1 millimetre
Operating Tempertaure -20 to +60 °C
Sensor Response Time < 1 millisecond
Measurement Signal LED visual and buzzer audible
Cable/Tape Material Conductor: multi-strand twisted copper; Core wire: PP mixed insulation; ecderon: PUR or PE mixed
Reel and Frame Material Reel: nylon or steel; Frame: polyurethane-coated steel
Probe Material Stainless Steel
Power Supply 9 VDC battery
Warranty 1 year on parts and labour

manual & docs

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