automated thermal dryout curves


  • Low cost, flexible, robust, and easy to use.
  • Automated measurement saves time and effort.
  • Continuous and precise weight measurements make it possible for a direct correlation between thermal conductivity and water content.
  • Ability to define relevant parameters for your specific application.
  • Two measurement methods: continuous and point by point.
  • Space saving design and ability to measure smaller samples.
  • All in-one, user-friendly data acquisition and evaluation software.
  • Conforms to industry standards IEEE 442-2017 and ASTM D5334.
  • Reliable measurement with short heating phases and low heating power.
  • Temperature measurement accuracy +/- 0.1 °C and resolution 0.01 °C.
  • Automatic temperature drift correction.
  • High measurement accuracy and wide range of application with adjustable measurements.


save hours of labour

VARIOS generates thermal dryout curves automatically, so you can focus on other tasks. No manual process of getting the soil in and out of the oven. No repeated manual weighing of the sample. It's all taken care of for you, including data acquisition and analysis.

Thermal conductivity simplified Constructing a thermal dryout curve is a painstaking process with the potential for human error. Time and effort go into acquiring and setting up the right components, plus you spend hours mixing samples, taking measurements, and fitting the data into a curve. What if you could have something more accurate, more reliable—and more automated? You can.

Introducing VARIOS.


simple instrument—advanced scientific breakthroughs

If you want to understand complex soil issues like clay behaviour, specific surface area, shrink-swell capacity, or cation exchange capacity, the VAPOR SORPTION ANALYZER (VSA) is your simplest, most accurate option. It automates the entire process of soil water characteristic curve construction in the dry region (-10 to -475 MPa) by accurately measuring simultaneously, at regular intervals, the water potential and the moisture content of a sample. No other instrument gives this much detail about soil in the dry range.

Get more done by getting automated. Remove the tedium and the human error out of thermal dryout curves with VARIOS. It automatically generates complete, high-resolution dry down curves with less effort and less cost, so you can focus on what you love.


engineered for accuracy

VARIOS was specifically designed to create thousands of thermal dryout curves for the 400-mile Suedlink underground cable installation in Germany. So, it’s engineered to be accurate, affordable, and low maintenance. It combines legendary
TEMPOS and HYPROP technology to measure thermal conductivity as a function of soil water content. And it’s easy. Just insert the needle into a saturated soil sample and put it on the balance. VARIOS automatically makes hundreds of precision thermal conductivity measurements while the water evaporates from the sample. The mean water content is calculated based on a continuous recording of the sample weight change. Powerful software does all the calculations, visualization, and fitting automatically, reducing the possibility of error.


reliable and compliant all-in-one solution

IEEE 442-2017 and ASTM D5334 compliant VARIOS uses the transient line heat source method. That means it’s a reliable measurement with short heating phases and low heating power. This reduces water movement due to heating and convection and reduces the measurement time. It automatically corrects for temperature drift, and heating power and time can be optimized for specific materials or properties. Plus, every dryout curve has hundreds of data points, so you get the detailed information you need to make the right decisions. And VARIOS is an all-in-one solution. It comes with everything you need to make complete thermal dryout curves including cables, installation tool, and software.


introducing the VARIOS automated thermal dryout curves





feature specification
measurement specifications
Thermal Conductivity Range: TC-S70 sensor 1.3-10.3 [W/m] TC-S100 sensor 0.8-6.0 [W/m] Accuracy: ±5%
Temperature Sensor Storage/Drying Range: - 50 to +120 °C Operation Range: -40 to 85 °C Resolution: 0.01 °C Accuracy: ±0.1 °C
Heater Current Range: 20-200 mA Resolution: 10 μA Accuracy: ±0.05%
Heater Power Range: 0.5-20 W/m (depending on sensor needle) Resolution: 20 mW/m Accuracy: ±0.1 %
communication specifications
Power Requirements 12V/1A
Computer Compatibility Microsoft® Windows® 10 operating system or newer
physical specifications
Dimensions Length: 162.0 mm (6.38 in) Width: 185.0 mm (7.28 in) Height: 30.0 mm (1.18 in)
TC-S70 Sensor Dimensions Length: 114.0 mm (4.49 in) Width: 19.4 mm (0.76 in) Height: 13.25 mm (0.52 in)
TC-S100 Sensor Dimensions Length: 144.0 mm (5.67 in) Width: 19.4 mm (0.76 in) Height: 13.25 mm (0.52 in)
HYPROP balance specifications
Connection to Computer USB
Weighing Range 2,200 g
Readout 0.01 g
Reproducibility 0.01 g
Linearity 0.01 g
Adjustment Internally
Compliance EM ISO/lEC 17050 :2010 (CE Mark)

manual & docs

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