field soil pore water suction lysimeters


  • Ideal for sampling macro and micro elements, dissolved gases and DOC
  • Install to soils depths of 1.2m
  • Easy to install with MacroRhizon Installation Tool

MacroRhizons are developed for field research. They have a porous part with an outer diameter of 4.5 mm and a pore size of 0.15 µm.

MacroRhizons are only available with female luer lock, suitable for creating a vacuum with syringes. The yield of water is approximately 20 ml/minute.

MacroRhizons have to be inserted at 30 to 45 degrees in an augured hole, or horizontal in the field, to prevent rain water infiltration along the PVC pipe directly to the porous part.

rhizon models

19.21.35 10 x MacroRhizon, 9 cm porous part, 4.5 mm outer diameter, lumen filled with glass fiber epoxy rod, coated with ABS, very strong. Female luer lock, for syringes only
19.21.36 10 x MacroRhizon, the same as 19.21.35, but fixed in 90 cm PVC pipe 5/8 ", with protective cap for MacroRhizon tip + 0.9 m extension tubing PVC/PE, 2 way luer lock stopcock and bicap
19.21.38 10 x MacroRhizon, the same as 19.21.36, but with 30 cm PVC tube 5/8”
19.21.39 10 x MacroRhizon, the same as 19.21.36, but with 60 cm PVC tube 5/8”

equipment for MacroRhizons
19.21.37 10 x MacroRhizon Cup, only fit for 19.21.35, 19.21.36, 19.21.38 and 19.21.39
19.21.51 1 x Insertion tool for MacroRhizon, 4 mm diameter SS pin, 10 cm, supplied with 1 m PVC pipe
19.21.55 1 x MacroRhizon Cup Driver, to screw/unscrew MacroRhizon Cups (19.21.37)

An instruction for the installation of MacroRhizons with the Insertion Tool is available for download.

sampling accessories

Before you can take your samples, you will need additional accessories to create a vacuum. This can be either a syringe or a vacuum tube. For field experiments, extension tubing might be useful. We could advise you about the best accessories for your experiments.


basic characteristics
  • Microfiltration membrane with a nominal pore size of 0.12 – 0.18 µm
  • Hydrophilic membrane composed of a blend of polyvinylpyrrolidine and polyethersulfone
  • Structure asymmetric/microporous
  • High performance and a very good anti-fouling behaviour
  • Suitable for filtatrion outside-in and inside-out
performance data
pH-range 2 – 12
Temperature 1 – 90ºC
Pressure -300 – +300 kPa
solvent resistance
 Solvent  Resistance




 Organic esters, ketones, ethers

 Aliphatic alcohols


 Aliphatic hydrocarbons


 Halogenated hydrocarbons

 Aromatic hydrocarbons

 Polar organic solvents




Store in a dry, normally ventilated place, away from sources of heat, ignition and direct sunlight. Store between 0 and 50 ºC (32 – 122F). The membrane modules should not be subjected to any freezing temperatures.


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